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Pledger is the only platform that allows freelancers to receive immediate payment for their work
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Immediate invoice payment

Pledger provides a platform for freelancers to create contracts, and receive instant payment for their work

1. Generate the contract

Pledger converts your project milestones into legally binding contracts

2. Prove that work was delivered

Obtain client approval on our platform, at the click of a button

3. Receive instant payments

Forget invoice periods, receive immediate payment for your work


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What's included?

client management dashboard

contract generation

immediate payment (5% fee) (UK only)

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What people are saying?

We used the Beta for at least 7 different projects and had no issue. Iā€™d strongly recommend this to any Freelancers or Small Agencies.

Benas Sidlauskas
CEO (Turing Studio)

I wish Iā€™d discovered Pledger a long time ago - a great templated contract for both clients and sub-contractors.

Paulius Sruogis
Product Designer